'LAND OF THE FREE' WINS NORDIC:DOX AWARD / by Mauricio Gonzalez-Aranda

We are honoured and extremely happy that Camilla Magid's LAND OF THE FREE took home the NORDIC:DOX Award at CPH:DOX 2017. 

Here is the jury's statement:  "The Nordic Award jury was deeply moved by a film that takes us into the depths of human vulnerability. Its well-chosen and poignant stories forcefully mirror each other. The contours of the characters intermingle as several portraits flow into one, showing how easily life can take a wrong turn but also how new hope can be found in something simple as rediscovering the taste of coffee. The film achieves an incredible intimacy with its protagonists and stays true to its cinematic choices. Honouring its elegant craft that delivers a masterly piece, the Nordic Dox Award goes to 'Land of the Free', by Camilla Magid."

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