Democrazy success on Kickstarter / by Mauricio Gonzalez-Aranda

Final Cut for Real had a successful Kickstarter Campaign for Democrazy

We reached our goal of $60,000, which 589 backers made possible.

About the film
This is a story about a fearless politician, Antanas Mockus and his devoted followers. With an army of young people hoping for change, he uses unorthodox methods such as flash mobs and superhero costumes to attack the corruption and violence in Colombia. Katherin Miranda, a young activist falls in love with the movement, but to change a society penetrated by illegality, turns out to be much more difficult than she ever anticipated.

"Even at the best of times, financing documentaries is a struggle. Despite a growing interest in our films and a global interest in documentaries as a genre, initial funding is scarce - especially for films dealing with complex international issues. Once completed, however, the films are watched and supported by a substantial audience. As a consequence, we aim to engage the audience from the very start - through Kickstarter. We hope it will reach audiences in Colombia, the US, and Europe, whose support and help we need to finish the film". 
Signe Byrge Sørensen, producer.

"My previous film, BOGOTÁ CHANGE, became a viral hit, reaching more than a million viewers and fuelling the popularity of the characters to become the leading opposition in Colombia. It is wonderful when your work can have such direct impact and that an audience can relate to it. We hope that people who want to challenge political systems will support this unique story."
Andreas M. Dalsgaard, director.

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