'LES SAUTEURS' PREMIERES AT THE 2016 BERLINALE / by Mauricio Gonzalez-Aranda

Les Sauteuts had its World Premiere at the Berlinale yesterday, February 17th.

The film was screened in the beautiful and packed Delphi Filmpalast with around 650 people in attendance.

After the film, a 40-min. Q&A session took place with the three directors, Abou Bakar Sidibé, Moritz Siebert and Estephan Wagner (pictured above from left to right).

The audience was especially interested in the filmmaking and post-production process and how Abou and his friends from Gurugu are doing now.

During the next few days, the film will be screened three more times.

About Les Sauteurs:

In northern Morocco lies the Spanish enclave of Melilla: Europe on African Land.

Over a thousand hopeful African migrants live on the mountain above, watching the border fence. Abou from Mali is one of them -- the protagonist in front of the camera, as well as the person behind it. For over a year, he has ceaselessly persisted in attempting to jump the fence.

As Abou portrays the struggle for human dignity and freedom on one of the World's most militarized frontiers, Les Sauteurs ('Those Who Jump') ultimately becomes a movie about the empowerment of a filmmaker armed only with his camera and his aspirations.