World premiere on 8th of November. 

Through five years, Danish documentary director Andreas Dalsgaard has followed a politician, whose existence we probably would not believe, had it been fiction. Antanas Mockus is the name of the philosopher, the teacher, the former mayor of Bogotá. 

In Life Is Sacred, we follow Mockus as a presidential candidate and peacemaker. This is a film, which takes place in the middle of the engine of democracy, a film, which documents the endless ways in which a democracy can be manipulated. Not only that, this film also shows how victory might come to you in unexpected ways...

Mockus and his ways of creating political change both fascinate and inspire - and they definitely surpass the boundaries of Colombia. 
Mockus and the film's second protagonist, the idealistic leader of the youth campaign, Katherine Miranda, are coming to Copenhagen to participate in the world premiere of Life Is Sacred. Come along and meet Mockus after the CPH:DOX-screening of Life Is Sacred on the 10th of November at 4.30 pm in Cinemateket, where the panel discussion "The Way We Do Politics" will take place. Other participants count former Minister of Culture and political leader of Alternativet, Uffe Elbæk, and democracy expert Bjørn Førde. 

On Tuesday the 11th of November, Mockus and the Latin America expert Niels Lindvig will discuss whether we are approaching the final call for peace in Colombia. The meeting will be public and for free, and the host is Bjørn Førde and The Danish Institute of Parties and Democracy. It will take place in Kvartershuset Amager on Jemtelandsgade no. 3, 2300 Copenhagen S. 

Life Is Sacred is nominated for this year's F:ACT AWARD, which is the CPH:DOX-award for investigative documentary journalism. It is produced by Anne Köhncke and Signe Byrge Sørensen from Final Cut for Real. 

Tickets and further information at the CPH:DOX website