'The Kid and the Clown' Premieres in Copenhagen and Aarhus / by Mauricio Gonzalez-Aranda

On May 31st The Kid and the Clown will premiere in Aarhus, at Øst for Paradis.

The following day, June 2nd, the film will have its Copenhagen-premiere in Cinemateket at The Danish Film Institute. 

We at Final Cut for Real are very proud to present the story about Angus & Tobias - a clown whose job is much more than making people laugh and a boy whose life is more about surviving than living. Tobias is six years old when he falls ill with cancer. Angus works as a hospital clown at the children's ward. We follow the two of them in their common fight to keep living and to enjoy life while fighting. 

This is a story about electric guitars, magic and cancer - about being all alone and having someone to be alone with.