HUSH (Danish title: Havfolket Kalder Mørknet Vand) is a sensory VR installation that beckons you into a mythological land that is born out of the harsh seas and plains of Thy, a rural region in the North of Denmark, where superstition and myths abound and the powers of nature rule supreme.

HUSH lets you sink into yourself and into the ancient spirits of the sea. 

HUSH is a stand-alone VR piece, but it is also a companion piece to the hybrid documentary film THYLAND which is rooted in the same universe as HUSH, and is currently in postproduction.

Directed by: Vibeke Bryld
Produced by: Maria Kristensen
CG Artist: Lars Hemmingsen Nørgaard
Production Designer: Elin Maria Johansson
Production Company: Final Cut for Real, Denmark
Sound design: Sune Kaarsberg
Composer: Signe Lykke
In Collaboration with: Khora VR
Development supported by: The Danish Film Institute, Danish Film Directors, FAF (Danish trade
union for film & TV workers)

HUSH is part of the 2019 DOX:LAB at CPH:DOX