DirectorS:  Simon Klose

The Pirate Bay - Away From Keyboard (TPB-AFK) is a documentary about three computer addicts who redefined the world of media distribution with their hobby homepage, The Pirate Bay.
How did TiAMO, a beer crazy hardware fanatic, Brokep, a tree hugging eco activist and Anakata - a paranoid hacker libertarian - get the White House to threaten the Swedish government with trade sanctions?
TPB-AFK explores what Hollywood's most hated pirates go through on a personal level.
TPB-AFK focuses on the vastly different lives and personalities of TiAMO, Anakata and Brokep. With unique access to their notoriously private universe, director Simon Klose closely follows their escapades - be it in court in Stockholm, in a meeting with President Lula in Brazil, at a wedding in Laos, or while hard at work on a sofa in Bangkok.
Regardless of time and space, the irreconcilable chemistry and incessant arguing among the three founders persists. TiAMO can't stand Brokep's vegetarianism. Brokep can't stand TiAMO's booze habits. Anakata can't stand Brokep giving away their money to the rainforest project. The only thing they seem to agree on is an uncensored, free internet.
In TPB-AFK we also meet representatives of the film, record and game industries, who discuss their views on filesharing. The plaintiffs in the trial - MPAA, IFPI and the Anti-piracy bureau - tell their side of the story and testify that Sweden has become a pirate's nest. AFK (Away From Keyboard) is computer slang for being offline.
TPB-AFK is the story about a group of people in a digital community that sometimes leave the internets and meet offline - away from keyboard.


Production Company: Nonami AB, Sweden

Producers: Producer: Martin Persson for Anagram AB, Sweden, Signe Byrge Sørensen & Anne Köhncke for Final Cut for Real, Denmark

Editor: Per K. Kirkegaard
Sound: Morten Groth Brandt
Composer: Ola Fløttum

Co-producer: Torstein Grude for Piraya Film, Norway

Premiere: February 2013 (Berlin International Film Festival
Duration: 82 min.
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Berlin International Film Festival 2013
(Panorama Dokumente opening film)
SXSW, Austin
HotDocs, Toronto
Sydney Int. Film Festival
Beat Film Festival, Moscow
Grimstad Short & Documentary Film Festival
San Fransisco Int. Film Festival
BAFICI, Buenos Aires
DocAviv, Tel Aviv
Sheffield Doc/FestUrban Nomad Film Festival, Taiwan
Docville, Belgium
Bellaria Film Festival, Italy
Biografilm Festival, Bologna, Italy
Creative Commons Film Festival, Barcelona
Festival Signes de Nuit, Paris, France
Festival do Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Reykavik International Film Festival, Iceland
Las Palmas Creative Commons Festival, Spain
Oval Space Cinema Club, London, England
Nordic Creative Commons Film Festival, Stockholm, Sweden
EFF DragonCon, Atlanta, USA
Observe Hack Make, Amsterdam, Holland



Produced by Nonami (Sweden)
Co-produced by Anagram AB, Final Cut for Real & Piraya Film 

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