Ruben (10) is one of the best fencers in the club. He has won nearly every title in Denmark, so this season he has to face some of the toughest and most talented fencers in Europe. A lot is a stake for Ruben and he has to find the strength within himself to overcome his anxiety and control his temper if he is to win the big European championship.

Ruben's best friend Marie is also a fencer, and alongside the drama that is played out on the fencing piste, an even a greater story is unfolding about a friendship between a boy and a girl in their early teens -­ at a time when many things change.

The film is part of the series Sport Kids.


Director: Simon Lereng Wilmont
Producer: Monica Hellström Weston
Co-Producers: Malin Hüber, Tobias Jansson / STORY, Sweden;
Anita Reghoff Larsen / Sant & Usant, Norway
Executive Producer: Signe Byrge Sørensen
Cinematography: Simon Lereng Wilmont
Editor: Michael Aaglund
Sound Design: Kjetil Mørk
Music: Uno Helmersson
Grafik: Jacob Frössen
Grade & Post House: Anders V. Christensen/Kong Gulerod Film

Documentary film
27 min (shorter versions available)
Target audience 6 - 12 + family

In Co-Production with ARTE G.EI.E / Nadine Pellet-Zwick

Supported by:
The Danish Film Institute / Dorte Høeg Brask
DR Ultra / Christian Volfing
The Swedish Film Institute / Cecilia Lidin
NRK Super/ Nils Stokke & Hildri Gulliksen
Nordic Film & Tv Fond / Karolina Lidin


Selected for IDFA 2014

Winner of Child & Family Award for Short Films at Al Jazeera Int. Film Festival 2015



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