Directors:  various directors

As part of a dialogue project 10 short documentaries form a unique presentation of Denmark in the wake of the Danish caricature crisis.
10 reputable Danish filmmakers were invited to collaborate with Danish immigrants with roots in the Middle East in creating 10 presentations of Denmark. Each film is considered a personal application to a relative or acquaintance of theirs in the Middle East.
The assignment is: Give an important statement about your Denmark, with the intention of challenging and altering your relative or acquaintance's perception of Denmark.
The strength of the films lies in insight and reflection, rather than in news-style sensationalism, the message of which is communicated through the entirely personal approach.

The 10 films were then collated into one larger film (duration 58:30 mins), which was intended as a quick and intense contribution to the debate following the publication of the Muhammed drawings.
The film was broadcasted on national Danish television as well as a Middle Eastern television station in June 2006.


Danish Title: Mit Danmark
Producer: Signe Byrge Sørensen
Year: 2006
Duration: 56 min.
Country: Denmark
Production Company: Final Cut Productions ApS

Phie Ambo in collaboration with Amjad Adnan Kanaan
Morten Arnfred in collaboration with Hamed El Biltagi
Erik Clausen in collaboration with Asmaa Riyad Abdol-Hamid
Rumle Hammerich in collaboration with Osama Nasrallah
Per K. Kirkegård in collaboration with Bassam Omar Hamze
Jens Loftager in collaboration with Remon Hazm Dawod
Vibe Mogensen in collaboration with Nada Hawa
Sami Saif in collaboration with Muniam Alfaker
Birgitte Stærmose in collaboration with Janus Bakrawi

Camilla Skousen
Anne Østerud
Ida Bregninge
Janne Bjerg Sørensen
Louise Clausen
Søren B. Ebbe
Theis Schmidt
Stig Bilde
Dan Loghin

Lars Bonde
Anthony Dod Mantle
Kim Høgh Mikkelsen
Morten Arnfred and Jesper Jargil
Manuel Alberto Claro
Louise Clausen, Jan Pallesen and Mikael Valentin
Kim Høgh Mikkelsen
Phie Ambo
Per Fredrik Skiöld
Anders Löfstedt
Flemming Laybourn

The film was funded by The Danish Film Institute, International Media Support and Danish Arab Media Forum.