Forget me not

Director:  Sun Hee Engelstoft

Forget Me Not follow three pregnant unmarried women at the institution "Aeshuwon" on the South Korean island called Jeju. Paradoxically, the nickname for Jeju Island is "Honeymoon Island" due to its popularity as a destination for all newly wed Koreans. 15 women are currently living at the institution, which is isolated in the beautiful countryside of Jeju, and run by founder Mrs. Im and her staff. The film follow the three women and their process towards the difficult and painful decision - weather to keep the baby or give it away for adoption. A decision strongly influenced by a huge pressure from the outside world. Typically the disgrace of the family, the reluctance of the boyfriend and the disdain of Korean society towards the women's behaviour and the unborn child, have a huge impact on the women's final decision. However, at Aeshuwon the strong-willed Mrs Im supports the women and their fight for independence. But in the end the choice will always be the women's own and the consequences will be up to the single individual to handle. Forget Me Not is an emotional journey of three unwed women's life at Aeshuwon and how they make the decision that will change their lives forever.


Director Sun Hee Engelstoft
Producer Monica Hellström
Co-producer MinChul Kim
DOP Sun Hee Engelstoft, Camilla Hjelm Knudsen, Linda Wassberg

The film is supported by New Danish Screen // The Danish Film Institute - DR & TV2

The film is developed by Profile Pictures