Director:  Jonas Poher Rasmussen

Flee is an animated documentary film that goes behind the story of the many refugees who arrive in Europe everyday. It's the story about how people are forced from their homes and into the hands of human traffickers who take them on a journey through hostile environments and cynical bureaucracies. It's a personal story seen through the eyes of a boy who becomes a man on the journey. And it's a story about a friendship.


Director: Jonas Poher Rasmussen
Producers: Monica Hellström 


Charlotte De La Gournerie // Sun Creature Studio- Denmark (animation producer)
Jean-François Le Corre // Vivement Lundi ! (France)
Charlotte Most // MostFilms (Sweden)

Animation Director: Guillaume Dousse

Supported by: Danish Film Institute, The Swedish Filminstitute, ARTE France, DR & SVT, Yle, VPRO, Fritt Ord, BMU, Copenhagen Film Fund, West Danish Film Fund

Length: 85 min
Budget: 2,7 mio Euro
Language: Danish, English, Dari, Russian
Expected release: start 2020