Anne Köhncke:

I am very happy to announce that I am starting a production company in Norway – Final Cut for Real Norway. It will be a sister company to Final Cut for Real in Denmark, independent and autonomous in what projects we take on, collaborating when it is the right fit. The guiding star for how and why, will be the same, just a bit further north. The company will work with new and established creatives in Norwegian film, and produce documentary and feature films of high artistic quality. FCfRN will benefit from the strong international network and pool of experience and knowledge that my colleagues and I have built up through the years, since Signe Byrge Sørensen and I started in 2009. And FCfR Norway will be an extension of this network.

Working with new talent is something I have always found to be extraordinary rewarding, and they benefit from and add new valuable insight to the network and joint experience. I look forward to working with directors with serious artistic ambitions, as well as expanding the production team as we move along, starting with another producer that will be based in Norway.

Establishing and nourishing strong creative relationships with directors takes time and is not something you throw away. It is the most valuable asset a producer has, and I will continue working with Swedish/Danish Sweden-based Frida & Lasse Barkfors, Swedish Copenhagen-based Carl Olsson and Danish Anders Jepsen. Any new directors I start collaborating with from now on, however, will be through Final Cut for Real Norway.

Since I moved from Norway to Denmark 22 years ago, I have always kept an eye on what is happening in the Norwegian film landscape, both through my work in broadcasting, sales and producing. The talent coming out in recent years is truly impressive, in both documentary and fiction. I am very excited to be coming back, sharing my time between Denmark and Norway. I also bring with me my French producer husband, and together we hope to contribute to the landscape in our way.

Signe Byrge Sørensen:

We are extremely happy and proud that Anne is now ready to move forward with her Norwegian dream. Anne is an amazing producer with a very strong eye for new talent, an independent spirit and an enormous network in the Nordic countries and internationally. I look forward to continuing our collaboration, both within Final Cut for Real in Denmark and in the new Norwegian company.